Developing advanced information systems through data engineering.

Building and maintaining data pipeline systems by applying formats, scaling, resilience and security.
With over a decades worth of experience designing powerful, elegant and intuitive front end applications using frameworks such as Vue, Angular, and React.
At Firemind our experts have over 10 years experience working with frameworks such as Serverless, Express, and Django.
Progressive Web Apps
If you’re need of engaging, user-friendly and exquisitely designed progressive web applications, (PWA’s) our experts can assist you with ease. We bring PWA’s to life by using fundamentals such as offline-first, push notifications and web workers.
Firemind has an incredibly powerful asset management system, allowing our experts to produce sophisticated, functional and reliable transactional and subscription video on demand (VOD) platforms.
Our specialists are highly experienced in creating scalable, secure and striking machine-to-machine (M2M) embedded applications and transport infrastructure.
We have a whole host of consultants who are able to create dependable internet-of-things (IoT) embedded applications, hardware solutions and transport infrastructure.