Eradicating the need for structurally repetitive tasks.

Firemind’s experts specialise in building intuitive bots skills ranging from simple tasks to complex purchasing systems, backed by Firemind’s powerful speech management system.
Amazon Alexa
One of our specialities is building intuitive Amazon Alexa skills. These range from simple tasks to more complex purchasing systems supported by Firemind’s dynamic speech management system.
Google Assistant
We have the ability to build instinctive Google Assistant actions, from the straightforward to the demanding all backed by Firemind’s powerful speech management system.
Facebook Messenger
If your organisation requires a smart conversation management system, look no further than Firemind. We consider ourselves experts when it comes to building Facebook Messenger bots.
Website Bots
At Firemind we specialise in creating instinctual integrated website bots, including easy tasks to the more complicated, backed by our intelligent conversation management system.